Indra Wiras (1995) is a photographer who focuses on architectural and interior genres. Indra earned his architecture degree back in 2017 from one of the public universities in Bali. After graduating, Indra immediately started working in Arkana Architects, Bali, while freelancing as a digital imaging technician for some of Indonesia’s prominent architectural photographers.

Indra first held an analog camera, which belonged to his brother, when he was merely 14 years old. Since then, he was invested and soon started enhancing his photography skills. From 2012 until now, Indra has accomplished various photography projects. Some of these projects include product, still life, fashion, food and beverage, and wedding photography.

After working as an architect for several years, Indra then decided to start his career as a photographer. His passion for photography emerged from a young age and his background as an architect made him choose architectural and interior genres as the main focus of his current projects. Through his photographs, Indra aims to translate the architectural experience of space into a more realistic, visualized perspective. Aside from his ability to interpret designs, elements such as people, light, furniture, and decoration are also taken into account to create good architectural and interior photographs.

Clients and Partners

IBUKU Studio
Studio Blanco
DDAP Architects
BB Studio Design
Winakara Architect
Kadecons Architect
Design Assembly
Studio Nimmersatt
Arkana Architect
Bares Furniture
Kalpa Taru 
Jezz Living
Kaltimber Reclaimed Wood
Kevala Ceramics
Titik Dua Ubud by Andra Matin
Ruang Tekuni
Resort Planta
Larose Villas
The Garcia Ubud
Ksuna Restaurant
Jalapeno Restaurant
Alma Spa Welness
Uma and Leopold
Second Floor Coffee
Melissa Shoes

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